Monday, October 27, 2014

Kiddo's Algo :P


Tagging friends who I suppose have similar lists of their own #Mangalyaan #MarsOrbiterMission #ISRO #Proud #Indian

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True Story of a part-time Artist !

@AfterEffects #ALSIceBucketChallenge

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Gentle Blame!

@WPR #WorkPlaceRomance

You cant agree more ;)

On a serious note...@Cooked Up Breaking News!

Tag the sinners!


Socially Yours!

On your graduation

MODIfied !


Innovation Mantra!

'Keys' to happiness

Move On!


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You Wish !

Jinke ragon mein coffee dauDti hai

En-tangled ? ;)

Mind it ;)

3rd Law of Software Engineering ;)

Pun Intended!

C guru Mantra

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The 150th Rtoon ...reveals The Secret ;)

That Moment #13

Alarm Trick ;)


Appy Diwali :D


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My Appy Budday !:D

Sugest Rtoon Contest

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