Friday, January 14, 2011

Dance A.L.L. The magic of dance at your doorstep!

Join us in spreading the joy through the magical expression of Dance! It is to celebrate the very existence of yours which is tightly coupled with the four social circles you find yourself in
+ Your Family
+ Friends
+ Community
+ Corporate Circle

The services we cater to include the following focusing on your four social circles:

1. Gift a dance session to your loved ones :)
+Get them a DanceALL Gift Voucher

2. FRIENDS dance troupe - Form your own friends' dance troupe, let us help you set one up

3. Family events like the Sangeet at the wedding; We can help you set up a family / couple dance to celebrate one of the most joyous moments of yours

4. Community dancing - Lets organize events at your community for the festivals, get along kids from your community and have their evenings spent in a learning environment which focuses on 'body movement and sanskar'

5. Take a break from work and dance with your colleagues, we can help conduct workshops at your corp

Dance Styles we cater to:
Latin-American dance styles including: Salsa, Cha cha, Rhumba and other Ballroom dances

Ever dreamt of stealing the show on the dance floor? Sizzling to sensuous beats with your beloved? Or wanting to rock the stage at your Wedding Sangeet? Come, join us, and we’ll get you dancing with the Stars of your life!!!

Dance is a wonderful confluence of rhythm, movement, joy and freedom. Sprinkle a little sensuousness with your soulmate, and add a zest of love with your family, or spice up team morale with your colleagues, and celebrate togetherness with your friends! There’s dance inside each one of us, its just waiting for expression and its going to transform your life forever :)